Ogilvie and Co Spiced Harissa Moroccan Marinade 250 ml

SKU Code: 1372

Ogilvie & Co’s Spiced Moroccan Harissa Marinade is an exquisite blend of fresh herbs, roasted peppers, and select spices offering a unique twist to your favourite dishes! Transform traditional recipes by marinating a leg of lamb with this delightful sauce, then basting it in natural yoghurt for added zest. Serve alongside Ogilvie & Co Preserved Lemons chopped into couscous salad, or mix the sauce as a dip for vegetable crudites. Unleash its full potential by using it as a base sauce on gourmet pizzas – truly making each meal extraordinary. The package also includes a handy basting brush plus a recipe card so you can unleash culinary creativity wherever you go!

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